Payment information

Payment information

We are pleased to provide you with the details regarding the payment process for the International Physics Seminar. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your registration is completed successfully.

Registration Fee
Teacher/ Lecturer/ Researcher/ Practicioner/Presenter Student Presenter
Seminar Nasional Fisika (SiNaFi) International Physics Conference (IPC) Seminar Nasional Fisika (SiNaFi) International Physics Conference (IPC)
Offline IDR 600.000 IDR 750.000 (USD 50) IDR 500.000 IDR 650.000 (USD 40)
Online IDR 300.000 IDR 450.000 (USD 30) IDR 250.000 IDR 325.000 (USD 220)
Offline* IDR 200.000 IDR 400.000
Online IDR 100.000
Online Proceeding IDR 600.000 USD 45 IDR 500.000 USD 40
Participant IDR 300.000 USD 25 IDR 200.000 USD 20

Publication Fee*
The Tenth Seminar Nasional Fisika (SiNaFi) The First International Physics Conference (IPC)
Proceeding Online IDR 200.000 IDR 300.000 (USD 25)
AIP (Scopus)* Not Allowed IDR 2.500.000 (USD 150)
Tadris (Sinta 2) IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.000.000 (USD 125)
Indonesian Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (Sinta 2) IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.000.000 (USD 125)
Journal of Teaching and Learning Physics (Sinta 3) IDR 500.000 IDR 500.000 (USD 35)
Wahana Fisika (Sinta 3) IDR 500.000 IDR 500.000 (USD 35)
U-Teach: Journal Education of Young Physics Teacher (Sinta 4) IDR 400.000 IDR 400.000 (USD 25)
Wahana Pendidikan Fisika IDR 200.000 IDR 300.000 (USD 25)


  1. Registration fees apply to take part in seminar activities and are different from publication fees
  2. Registration fees are paid before the conference day
  3. The publication fees are paid after the manuscript is accepted for publication. Especially for Proceedings Scopus, the decision is completely within the control of the committee.
  4. Especially for articles addressed to scientific journals, Pantia will only provide recommendations to the journal. Next, the author must carry out the submission process and follow the policies of the destination journal.
  5. Publication decisions in scientific journals are fully under the supervision of journal managers
  6. Articles that are rejected by the destination journal can only be transferred to publication via online proceedings (either SiNaFi or IPC)

Bank Account and Confirmation

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